Bravo Restaurant
A casually elegant cosmopolitan restaurant, with a top-quality innovative menu from the area we live (Pacific North-West Cuisine), in particular to harvesting foods and growing our own herbs to season the experience. Bravo’s unique style is reflected in our ambience, service & menu, and is reinforced by a consistent attention to detail. Our customers enjoy the intimate yet social atmosphere and can relax knowing that they will be well taken care of.
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On March 14 2013, Eddie Gardner presented a certificate to Louie De Jaeger of Bravo Restaurant – recognizing Bravo’s business leadership in supporting environmental sustainability, contributing to the well-being of wild salmon, and serving customers exquisitely prepared, wholesome dishes they can consume with peace of mind.

Here in Chilliwack, Bravo Restaurant uses local produce and only wild and environmentally sustainable products from suppliers whenever possible. Louie De Jaeger of Bravo Restaurant chose to red-list open net farmed salmon and will not have it on Bravo’s menu. “By removing farmed salmon from our menus early on, we felt good about helping protect Fraser sockeye salmon, and its ocean habitat, from open net salmon farms,” said Louie De Jaeger. “We are proud to support the National Salmon Feedlot Boycott,” he concluded.

Chilliwack: Bravo Restaurant Celebration