Another Rally to Stop Ocean Farmed Salmon at the Cash Register


DSC_0047Members of the Wild Salmon Defenders Alliance were at Walmart December 19, 2015 once again! Consistent, regular action like this will help stop open-net fish farms at the cash register! We acknowledge and thank Shawn Baptiste who holds regular net-pen farmed salmon boycott rallies in Duncan, BC!
My hands go up to all the regular ones who show up consistently at the rallies in front of big box stores in the Fraser Valley that sell net-pen farmed salmon. Our gratitude goes to Gary Haggquist who did the photography and handed out brochure “Salmon Confidential: The ugly truth about Canada’s open-net salmon farms” and “What do my kids and I need to know about farmed salmon?”

Hands on deck included: Big Ron Moore, Ethel Gardner and Marylyn Gardner of Skwah First Nation, Sylvia Farebrother and Tony, Tracy Lyster and Don Mair from Mission, Lawrence and Jennie Roberts of Ch’iaq’tel First Nation, Alicia Star Peters and Jessica Malloway. We were fortunate to have Cyril Spinks who works with Nlakap’mux Fisheries in Lytton to bring his support to this effort to get fish farms out of the ocean. Cyril helped us sing and drum because the Nlkakap’mux people have long supported getting fish farms out of the migration routes of Fraser River Sockeye salmon. Margaret Commodore of Soowahlie First Nation also showed up to encourage the work we are doing.
Our signs, banners, sacred songs, and our presence drew lots of attention from many customers who took interest and supported what we are doing. Rallies work! That is why Dr. Alexandra Morton of Salmon Are Sacred encourages the net-pen farmed salmon rallies. “These rallies in urban centres are essential and add to the momentum that has been building over the years to get destructive fish farms out of road of wild salmon,” she stated.
Alexandra Morton, a well known and respected marine biologist, is in support of the new federal government and will work with them about saving wild salmon from industrial fish farms on map-placed on the migration routes of wild salmon.

The Liberal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears ready to take a hard look at open-net cage fish farms in light of the fact the Conservatives refused to implement the Cohen Commission recommendations after paying more than $26 million dollars to complete. We understand the federal Liberals have decided not to renew fish farm licences under a seven year term, but will stick with only one year renewals until this industry has come under scrutiny.
We have accumulated a lot of information and evidence on the unsustainability of fish farms through the action of many stakeholders. With the new federal Liberals in power with a majority, we can look to 2016 as the year we see the end of ocean fish farms, and investment, support and promotion of the wild salmon economy and land-based aquaculture. The Wild Salmon Defenders Alliance will stay connected with the Ahousaht First Nation, the First Nations Wild Salmon Alliance, the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, Clayquot Action, the Wild Salmon Caravan, Salmon Are Sacred and all other groups and agencies to achieve the goal of removing fish farms from the BC coast and to support resurgence of wild salmon runs.

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