Back at Costco in Abbotsford for Farmed Salmon Boycott!


DSCN6586Toxins in Farmed Salmon
The last time the Fraser Valley Farmed Salmon Boycott Alliance held a rally at Costco in Abbotsford, they called the police. We were told by the police we are not to conduct any rallies on Costco property as it is private property and they don’t want us doing rallies in front of their store. This is their company policy – they do not allow any protests in front of their store.

We are allowed to hold banners, posters, wave signs and drum and sing on the property next door. So folks, we need to show up in larger numbers and get bigger signs so we can reach the customers coming and going to Costco.


This is what Claudette Bethune, Clinical Scientist, posted on facebook:

While Norwegian media is out routinely with messages of “eat more fish” and “fish is safe”, we lose understanding the emerging knowledge on the risk from contaminants that accumulate preferentially in farmed salmon. Reading on the consequence of high PCB exposure, which accumulates very high in farmed salmon from feeds compared to farmed land animals and wild seafood:

“The epidemiological data showed an association between diabetes mellitus prevalence and elevated concentrations of PCB 153. Additionally, prenatal PCB exposure studies were associated with a smaller thymic index at birth and could adversely affect immune responses to childhood vaccinations and resistance to respiratory infections. PCB exposure was also reported to adversely affect enamel development in children in a dose-dependent manner. Because PCBs and their metabolites are potential health hazards, understanding the risk factors associated with individual PCBs, PCB mixtures, and PCB metabolites is important. PCB exposures of vulnerable populations (pregnant women, fetuses, infants, and children) are of particular concern because of heightened sensitivity during this period of brain development.
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So folks it is more important than ever before to educate the public to protect human health! See you at the Boycott Rally in Abbotsford on July 29 at 4:30 pm! Bring your drums and rattles, and your love for wild salmon!

Claudette Bethune – Clinical Scientist

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