Boycott Rally at Walmart in Mission, BC, February 7, 2015


Let’s stop “ocean farmed salmon” at the cash register! Together we can do this!
There will be a boycott rally at Walmart in Mission on February 7, 2015 from noon – 1:30 PM. We will arm Walmart customers with information they need to take their own precautionary measures and avoid buying and consuming ocean farmed Atlantic salmon. Remember, if it is “Atlantic salmon” it is farmed salmon.

Ocean farmed salmon is a world-wide plague that continues to degrade the marine environment, threatens wild species like wild salmon and lobsters, and produces an inferior product that could pose serious health problems in humans who consume them. Limiting consumption of ocean farmed salmon is recommended due to elevated mercury levels or PCB levels. Children and women of childbearing age should take the strongest precautions. Pediatricians such as Dr. Anne-Lise Monsen and other health scientists continue to call on federal regulators to change current dietary recommendations to reduce the consumption of farmed Atlantic Salmon in order to protect consumers. In Canada, this has not happened, and therefore, Canadian consumers are left to take their own precautions, but only with awareness. This is why we are in front of big box stores every month to warn customers.

See you at Walmart in Mission February 7, 2015! Bring your drums and your love of wild salmon! We will have brochures, posters, signs and banners to help with the public awareness! OCM!

What's In Farmed Salmon Brochure-12