Costco: A Major Seller of Net-Pen Farmed Salmon

Farmed Salmon Boycott - Costco Abbotsford BC

Abbotsford, BC – We held two boycott rallies at this Costco in Abbotsford, and we were asked to leave on both occasions. We politely declined to go away until we were finished our usual one hour boycott, on both occasions. The first one was in May, 2013.

The second one was on May 17, 2014, we complied with their request not to stand too close to the door as this may have slowed the flow of traffic in and out of Costco. We also agreed not to take any photo ops in front of their entrance. Instead, we used the next door property where we had a clear view of the Costco sign on the side of their establishment. Because the Assistant Manager did not guarantee we would have the same level of cooperation as we did this time, we did not let her know when we would be back. One of the boycott members put pamphlets on some windshields. The Assistant Manager asked that we remove them. I told her we would leave them there, but the next time we will not put them on the windshields. The main reason is that we may be giving them pamphlets as they go in or out of Costco, and then when they get to their vehicle, they would find another one.

Many Costco members do not know about the health alerts issued by doctors, including Dr. Monsen of the University of Bergen in Norway, and Doctor Claudette Bethune. Global health studies have established that farmed salmon grown in open-net feedlots have contamination levels so high that health alerts are issued warning people to limit or eliminate the consumption of these seafood products.

Costco sells huge amounts of farmed Atlantic salmon. This is likely why the managers of Costco resist cooperating with peaceful and respectful boycott rallies at their warehouse in Abbotsford.

Members of the boycott who handed out pamphlets also talked with families and individuals about how unhealthy and contaminated farmed salmon are. This helped to get more people to avoid buying farmed salmon. They recognized that the fat bars contain PCBs that are carcinogenic. They found out farmed salmon are subjected to antibiotics and chemicals like hydrogen peroxide. We believe it is unethical to put profit over human health and we keep encouraging customers to ask Costco to stop selling net-pen farmed salmon, otherwise know as Farmed Atlantic Salmon.

We want people to know that Kuterra Aquaculture, owned and operated by the Namgis First Nation on Vancouver Island, grows Atlantic salmon in containment on land. Their farmed Atlantic salmon is healthier as they are not forced to use antibiotics or chemicals to kill viruses and parasites. They are not harming wild salmon. They do not pollute the ocean as ocean based open-net feedlot operations. We look to this new development as a step in the right direction, and we see closed containment fish farming as making open-net feedlots fade into obsolescence. There are alternatives!

In June, we will be taking our boycott to Superstores, Walmart, Save-On-foods and other supermarkets. We will be back at Costco, we are not telling when. Not yet anyway! 🙂 Watch out for the postings. We have set aside Sunday, June 29, 2014 for another wave of boycotts across the province. We may have one in Guelph, Ontario as well.

Tool up folks! Get ready for the boycott rallies! They are fun, and you get a good feeling doing something meaningful! Get more people to protect wild salmon by boycotting net-pen farmed salmon! OCM!