Farmed Salmon Boycott: 3 Reasons that Consumers Have The Power

Eddie Gardner + Walmart Boycott Rally Group

Hello and welcome to Farmed Salmon!
We are part of a greater movement of consumer boycotts and actions to show businesses that it is the consumer that decides what is on the market.

Three reasons consumers have the power:

1.) Ripple Effect: When we “vote with your dollar” and decide not to buy a certain product, such as farmed salmon, the money will end up being spent on less-destructive goods, which then gets spent in-turn on less destructive goods by those businesses we choose to support. This small change, when multiplied by thousands or millions, can change markets.

2.) Store Managers Listen: When we are vocal and active about what products we do, and do not, want to see in our stores, store managers listen… That is their job. One complaint might not garner a lot of attention.. But a dozen complaints, and a dozen people outside with signs once per month, a dozen emails to the store, and even some news coverage… At some point, store managers start to look at mitigating these effects.

3.) We Are What We Eat: We are what we eat. If we eat unhealthy food that has toxic chemicals, it slows us down, takes our energy and time away from where we would want it. Even more than this, if we support negative practices, such as open net-pen salmon farming, we have to tell ourselves reasons that it is OK… We convince ourselves that it is OK, just to feel better about ourselves. Let us all break those cycles together!

There are many more than three reasons, but these are important! We can change the way businesses act, but it is the first actors that will push the change forward an encourage, inspire, and help their friends and family navigate the corporate consumer waters.
Thank you for reading!

– A wild salmon soul