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3 thoughts on “New Rally

  1. Carolyn Quirt

    Hello Eddie and Wayne.
    I really like this website, excellent work.
    There’s one thing I have questioned about the materials needed. It obviously takes money to get the materials and Eddie was kind enough to give me some startup materials when I was looking into setting up a boycott here in Richmond. How do the people set something up when funds are not always available? Brainstorming here, I could approach First Nation fisheries and possibly the Fisherman’s Union to fund the cost of materials on an ongoing basis?
    Secondly, I really like the fact that you are pushing for a respectful rally, therefor inviting the attention from the public. That’s a good lesson for me. Great coffee time for me this morning.

    1. admin

      Thanks Carolyn for your valuable feedback! (glad you like the website…)

      Our goal is to make this website as useful and easy-to-use as possible – with the greater goal to support and encourage more and more Rallies!

    2. Eddie Gardner

      We don’t have any funds at this time to cover the costs of materials and supplies. In Chilliwack, we do fund raising to do our own signs and banners, and get pamphlets printed. With this new website, if donations are made to the Pacific Coast Wild Salmon Society and the donations are indicated to go to the boycott, these contributions will go towards some of the costs at different locations. As coordinator overall, I will continue to be as helpful as I can with people starting up and maintaining their boycott activities. The idea is to be frugal and creative as possible to generate one page information sheets that can be handed to customers at supermarkets. We did have a workshop and people brought their own poster boards and felt pens and we made our own signs. It was fun and we got some great messages out there, like “Ocean Fish Farming Is A World Class Stupid Idea”. Thanks for your keen interest Carolyn, and wish you the best in your endeavors to get the ball rolling in Richmond! 🙂

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