Rally organizers need to submit the following Pledge – and to make sure ALL participants are aware of and support this pledge:
  • I pledge to be respectful of the premises, the staff and the customers in the area of the rally I want to hold;
  • I am holding this rally in support of the wider movement to stop farmed salmon at the cash register and protect wild salmon, but this is a distinct and independent event;
PARTICIPATION PROTOCOL – Net-Pen Farmed Salmon Boycott Rallies
  • Rallies are peaceful forums to raise public awareness
  • Provide store management with information on: contaminants in farmed Atlantic salmon, net-pen fish farmers’ use of vaccines/antibiotics to fight viruses, and chemicals to protect their farmed fish from parasites
  • Request that supermarket management stop selling net-pen farmed salmon to help protect health of store customers
  • Let the store manager know ahead of time of boycott rally to be held at the store; should store management be uncooperative, show up anyway and be polite, and go by protocol
  • Participants are to be respectful of people and property
  • No arguing with customers
  • No obstructing customers from coming and going into store
  • Ensure research on issues is conducted and that information provided to public is referenced to credible sources
  • Hand out educational materials to customers about warnings health experts issue regarding eating net-pen farmed salmon
  • Display signs to help educate the public
  • Rallies are normally one hour in duration
  • Rallies will be held on a regular basis until supermarkets stop selling salmon from net-pen fish farms